Case Study

Net Metering

Saving Florida’s Solar Industry

Florida’s growing solar industry was threatened by legislation that would have stopped solar users from sending excess energy back to the power grid in exchange for a credit toward their utility bills – a practice known as net metering. Sachs Media launched an integrated campaign to mobilize public support and tell the stories of solar consumers who had invested in this environmentally friendly technology to lower their energy bills.

Using rich social content and clear messaging to translate this complex issue, we stoked strong public engagement and user-generated content. Then we targeted state leaders to view a steady flow of supportive content that told net metering’s positive story while countering negative attacks from the legislation’s proponents. The effort culminated in a veto by Gov. Ron DeSantis, killing one of the most lobbied bills of the legislative session and saving rooftop solar users tens of thousands of dollars.

1,200 media outcomes

10,000 comments directed to policymakers

Legislation vetoed by Governor