Case Study

American Cancer Society

Cancer Action Network: Fighting for Good Policy in Multiple States

The American Cancer Society – Cancer Action Network fends off constant threats to progress in cancer prevention and treatment. Sachs Media has played an instrumental strategic role in battles in multiple states, including Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma. Our Florida campaign targeted undecided voters to pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting indoor vaping. In Texas, we launched an array of hyper-targeted tactics to win statewide voter support for a proposition that committed significant new, multi-year funding for cancer research. And in Oklahoma, with just 36 days to make an impact, we convinced voters statewide to pass a ballot measure that stopped raids on the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund, preserving dollars to reduce tobacco use and fund cancer research, which helped to drive down Oklahoma smoking rates 10 times faster than other states.

Florida Amendment 9 passed with 69% of voters, prohibiting indoor vaping

Texas Proposition 6 passed with 64% of the vote, committing $3 billion in new funding for cancer research

Oklahoma State Question 814 rejected by 59% voters, preventing legislators from raiding the Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund (TSET)