Sachs Media Releases Insight Report on the Growing Influence of Florida’s Hispanic Population


Sachs Media Releases Insight Report on the Growing Influence of Florida’s Hispanic Population

Hispanics will make up one-third of the state’s total population by 2045

Tallahassee, FL – Sachs Media today released the first report in its insightful four-part series “The Changing Face of Florida,” a comprehensive examination of the demographic, cultural, economic, and political impacts of different demographic groups on the state. The series’ first installment focuses on the significant influence of Florida’s flourishing Hispanic population, one of the state’s fastest-growing populations, providing valuable insights for business leaders, policymakers, and community stakeholders. 

Assessing decades of growth and research, the report outlines how Florida’s Hispanic community blossomed from just 1 in 12 Floridians in 1980 to now account for more than 1 in 4 residents. With a growth rate exceeding the national average, the Hispanic population in Florida is expanding and contributing profoundly to every facet of life in the state. 

“Over the past four decades, Florida has witnessed a dramatic transformation in its demographic composition, with the Hispanic population at the forefront of this change,” said Michelle Ubben, Sachs Media President and CEO. “‘The Changing Face of Florida’ is a testament to our firm’s commitment to understanding the state’s evolving demographics, politics, business environment, and cultural dynamics, and to providing insights to help business leaders and communicators engage and motivate this multi-dimensional audience.” 

The report highlights the vital economic contributions of Hispanic Floridians across industry sectors and showcases how the diverse community’s entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic have been instrumental in driving the state’s economic vitality. The report also delves into educational strides within the Hispanic community and how Hispanics’ varying views and active engagement are shaping election outcomes and policy discussions, highlighting their growing influence in Florida’s civic life.

“Florida’s Hispanic community is not just growing in numbers; it is enriching the state’s cultural tapestry, bolstering our economy, and shaping our future,” said Julio Fuentes, CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “The report highlights the need for businesses, policymakers, and community leaders to forge deeper connections, understand the Hispanic community’s needs, and harness the immense potential of this demographic to help build a stronger, more vibrant Florida.”

Looking ahead, the report anticipates that by 2045, Florida’s Hispanic population will number nearly 9 million, making up one-third of the state’s total population. This demographic shift presents both opportunities and challenges, underscoring the importance of policies, programs, and communications programs that speak to all Floridians.

Successful communication with Florida’s Hispanic population goes beyond simple translation,” added Ubben. “The community is not a monolith. Tailoring messaging and outreach strategies to meet the nuanced needs and unique cultural preferences of this diverse community is key to effective engagement.”

Future reports, to be released quarterly, will look at Florida’s landscape through the lens of older and younger residents, urban versus rural Floridians, and voters with no party affiliation (NPAs). 

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