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Navigating the Complexities of Health Care Communication

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Health care is a complex, regulation-driven sector where clear, persuasive communication is not just beneficial – it's essential. At Sachs Media, we understand the intricate nature of health care regulations, including HIPAA guidelines and compliance across various states. we're equipped with the nuanced expertise to navigate these challenges effectively to elevate the resonance and impact of our clients' communications.

Client Experience

  • Associations
  • Government agencies
  • Health advocacy groups
  • Health care systems
  • Health insurance plans
  • Hospitals
  • Medical products and technology firms
  • Pharmaceutical companies


  • Employee advocacy
  • Executive thought leadership
  • Healthcare consumer technology
  • Health policy and  issues
  • Government procurement
  • Internal communications
  • Narrative development
  • Open enrollment
  • Patient advocacy
  • PBMs Public health education



Florida KidCare

Insuring Children Statewide

Florida has made a commitment to ensuring all children have health insurance. Our integrated marketing campaign to increase enrollment has generated 770,000 cost calculator engagements, contributing to parents initiating over 110,000 Florida KidCare applications.


HCA Healthcare

Providing Multi-State Legislative Support and Advocacy

Sachs Media supports HCA Healthcare’s public affairs communications and employee advocacy work in nearly a dozen states. We’ve helped grow HCA Healthcare’s Good Government Group employee advocacy network to more than 100,000 members and have contributed to numerous public affairs victories, including passing landmark trauma legislation to increase state and federal funding that added over $100 million to the company’s annual revenue.


Water Quality & Health Council

Healthy Pools

For more than a decade, Sachs Media conducted a national public awareness campaign  to educate Americans on how properly chlorinated swimming pools contribute to healthy summertime swimming.


For over two decades, Sachs Media has consistently demonstrated expertise and a strategic approach in crafting effective PR campaigns, enhancing our brand reputation, amplifying key messages, and creating a positive public image. They consistently deliver exceptional results, adapt to evolving trends and strategies, and help us maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Tom P. Glennon

SVP of Marketing and Administration, Capital Health Plan

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