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The rhino is the embodiment of who we are and how we approach work – hard-charging, breaking through obstacles. We also love the mystical side of the rhino from animal symbolism – that “nothing is at it seems". Mystics tell of the rhino horn’s spiritual power to rip through the ambiguous veil and find clarity and abundance on the other side. That’s at the heart of what we do for clients. With our insightful research and our crystal-clear messaging, we tear through ambiguity to tell our clients’ stories and reframe perceptions to produce clarity. We provide sure-footed strategies, inspired ideas, and explosive implementation to produce breakthroughs.

A group of rhinos is called a “crash.” Here’s why you should join our crash:


Meaningful Work that’s
Changing the World


High-performing teams of passionate professionals working together to produce outstanding results


Supportive culture built on a flexible work structure that supports work life benefits

Office Manager

Sachs Media, one of Ragan’s 2021 Top Places To Work, is seeking a personable, problem-solving, detail-oriented, and high-energy Office Manager to join our firm. This is an opportunity to be part of a team of highly skilled professionals who serve a wide range of clients in a diverse array of industries/sectors, including health care, environment,…

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Public Relations Intern

Sachs Media is currently accepting applications for a remote public relations intern. Current undergraduate and graduate students studying public relations or other related communications fields are welcome to apply. Responsibilities and tasks for this role include but are not limited to writing, editing, and media relations. This internship will give the candidate the skills and knowledge to help prepare them for a successful career in the public relations industry. Applicants must be able to work both independently and in a team in a fast-paced environment and are expected to commit to 15-20 hours per week during the internship.

Digital Intern

Sachs Media is currently accepting applications for a remote social/digital media intern. Current undergraduate and graduate students studying digital media, marketing, or other related communications fields are welcome to apply. Responsibilities and tasks for this role include but are not limited to content development, social media analysis, and advanced online advertising. Exceptional writing and design skills, in addition to understanding social media best practices are a must. Applicants must be able to work independently in a fast-paced environment and are expected to commit to 15-20 hours per week during the internship.



"Sachs is a great place to work for so many reasons, but the one that stands out to me most is that we are truly like family. Everyone cares about everyone else, personally and professionally. We laugh, we cry, and no matter what, we always have each others’ backs."

Kathy Maiorana

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development
Jon Peck

“Our nickname for our team is ‘rhinos,’ and you’ll often hear that ‘once a rhino, always a rhino.’ The thing that sets this firm apart is how that’s really true. Colleagues who moved on to other places, even years ago, are still part of the family – they keep in touch, and we often reach out to them for special occasions. Former employees remain ongoing friends – that’s what truly makes it feel like a work family rather than just a work place.”

Jon Peck

Vice President of Messaging
Gabi Square

“At Sachs Media, employees are genuinely appreciated. There is a culture of caring that has been cultivated within our Rhino Crash. Colleagues lift each other up both personally and professionally, and everyone is always willing to talk if you have a question, concern, or idea. I know that at Sachs Media I have the opportunity to constantly learn and grow in my role.”

Gabi Castellanos

Digital Content Creator
Drew Piers

“When you bring together a group of smart and talented people and have them focus on tackling a significant challenge, it creates an atmosphere of community and camaraderie. Having a culture that prioritizes flexibility and outside-the-box thinking lets us bring creative solutions to the table, knowing that everybody is using their unique talents and abilities to bring us closer to our goal. That’s one of the characteristics that makes Sachs Media unique and such a great place to work.”

Drew Piers

Partner, Director of Crisis and Campaigns

"Being an intern with Sachs Media Group has allowed me to work in many different areas of the public relations field and gain experience working with a wide-variety of clients while being supported by experienced professionals. Every day is different and there’s always something to learn!"

Jenny Ralph


“Sachs Media’s internship program has proven to be an invaluable experience by providing a unique learning opportunity to further develop and refine my communications skill set. I felt very fortunate that I was able to work on a variety of different accounts with such a dynamic, yet compassionate group of people. The internship program not only allowed me to grow personally, but it also gave me a better understanding of the public relations industry, network with professionals, and find my own niche within the industry.”

Josie Smith

Account Coordinator

"My internship experience with Sachs has been incredibly educational and memorable, especially during such an eventful year. It was nothing short of amazing getting to work with such a wide variety of clients and projects. Although my internship was virtual, the connections I made and projects I contributed to were very real and have helped prepare me for the work I want to continue to do. Thank you, Sachs Media!"

Emma Cyphers


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Our team members have wide-ranging expertise as top public and corporate brand strategists, political gunslingers, crisis managers, award-winning creatives, online media producers, digital architects, and seasoned former journalists. Put us in the game for you.

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