Case Study

Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners

Removing Barriers to Nurse Practitioner Care

During the final weeks of the legislative session, the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners engaged Sachs Media Group to increase public awareness and legislative support for a proposal that would remove unnecessary barriers to broader nurse practitioner care.

We began with a statewide survey of voters and found that more than half of all Floridians favor an expanded scope of practice for nurse practitioners, and the results were particularly strong among Republicans.

Armed with these insights and other third-party research, our team quickly launched a social media campaign that targeted lawmakers and Floridians in key legislative districts, ultimately reaching tens of thousands of individuals in a period of just a few weeks.

These social and digital media efforts were powered by engaging content and animated videos that highlighted the work done every day by nurse practitioners and ended up reaching 102 lawmakers an average of 24 times each.

Our team also secured positive coverage in seven different media outlets, placed multiple op-eds from current nurse practitioners, delivered designed fact sheets to every state senator, and successfully engaged the support of three different third-party organizations.

While the legislation was overwhelmingly approved by the Florida House of Representatives, it did not clear the Florida Senate due to intense opposition from influential interest groups. However, this multi-year effort will continue to lay the groundwork for success during subsequent legislative sessions.