Case Study

Rebuild Florida

Connecting Hurricane Victims with Aid

A year after Hurricane Irma wrecked communities throughout Florida in 2017, many families remained homeless or in homes that were still severely damaged. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity engaged Sachs Media to target these hurricane victims – wherever they were – and encourage them to complete an application process despite numerous barriers. This outreach faced a significant challenge, as many affected Floridians had been displaced and were hard to reach. We launched a targeted, multi-touch public education and outreach campaign utilizing social and digital media, news conferences, news releases, media interviews, and targeted outreach through local government, community message boards and calendars. The comprehensive six-month campaign generated widespread awareness of the program and motivated eligible Floridians to register, while building a network of stakeholders to sustain engagement and reach.

15,000+ registrations, exceeding the goal of 10,000

18 Print/TV/Radio Interviews secured in 4 days