What Doesn't My CEO Get About Social Media?


What Doesn't My CEO Get About Social Media?

Ready to launch the greatest social media campaign ever? In many organizations, you’ll first have to get the approval of a senior leadership team. In this presentation, you’ll learn a variety of insights, strategies and tactics for overcoming executive resistance toward social media efforts.

Presented by Ryan Cohn, Vice President of Social/Digital Operations at Sachs Media Group, at the Social Fresh EAST Conference in Tampa on April 19, 2013.


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Social media professionals gather at Social Fresh conference in Tampa (Article)

— The Tampa Bay Times (@TB_Times) April 20, 2013

All I keep doing during this presentation by @ryancohn is shaking my head “yes”. So many things that CEOs don’t get. I can’t relate enough.

— Jennifer Buggica (@JBuggica) April 19, 2013

Great point @ryancohn about Facebook paradoxically being more effective for older people, because their news feeds are sparse. #SocialFresh

— Jay Baer (@jaybaer) April 19, 2013