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What We Do

If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it … you have the wrong PR firm. Our specialty is making sure people hear it, whether they ever set foot in the woods or not. Combining great storytelling, an instinctual nose for news, and solid media relationships, we get our clients’ causes, issues, and brands covered – in print, on the airwaves, and online. Besides managing the media, we will tailor your message for all your most important audiences, from employees to customers to investors.

Media Coverage.

Leveraging our media relationships and a mix of tactics from high-profile media events to carefully researched and tailored pitching, we generate high-value media outcomes in mainstream and specialty media with news events, news releases, media kits, and pitching.

Featured Case Study:

Hurricane Matthew

Recent Post:

New Frontiers in Life and in Business

Message Development.

Everyone has a story. Telling yours so that essential audiences respond is our sweet spot. We create narratives that evoke emotion and trigger action. And we reframe existing narratives to shift perception in your favor. Our crafted messaging tells your story in compelling ways, breaking down complex issues and putting a human face on them. How do we know we have the narrative right? Our Breakthrough Research division tests messages to make sure they resonate with the most important targets.

Featured Case Study:

Hurricane Matthew

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Reputation Management.

If your grandma is anything like ours, she said you only get one name so you’d better not ruin it. But today, it’s hard to protect your hard-won reputation – or even monitor it – when damaging information can be spread online to thousands of people you don’t even know. We can help you track what’s being said about your brand and take steps to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

Featured Case Study:

Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs

Recent Post:

What the Circus Can Teach Communicators and Corporations About Demonstrating Value in Our Communities

Social Media.

Social media has the power to spread information and opinions like wildfire – for better or worse. Conversations about your brand are happening all the time. Let us help you monitor and guide the conversation across social media platforms.

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Thought Leadership.

You’ve spent a career cultivating your expertise. We can help you share your knowledge with a bigger audience and position you as the go-to expert in your field. Why yield that place to someone else? Find out how we can help you create and share your expert content with limited demands on your time.

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Media Training.

Fear of dying is overrated. What people are more afraid of is dying in front of a camera. Our hands-on media training helps make sure your organization never experiences that kind of misery by teaching your top executives what they need to know to survive and succeed in even the most challenging interview situations. Learn the rules of media engagement and practice your skills in the hot seat with a camera rolling.

Recent Post:

How to Keep Control During a Q-and-A Session

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