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Fortunes and fates rise or fall with public policy decisions, sometimes in an information vacuum. If your organization has a lot riding on a public policy, we can help you tell your story in the most compelling terms possible – and then grab a megaphone. We use a strategic mix of public relations, advertising, digital, and grassroots tactics to amplify the reach of your message, all reinforced with a supportive chorus of credible and relevant third-party voices. We’ve even got a few secret weapons that’ll make your opposition shake their heads and ask, “What just happened?”

Strategic Messaging.

He (or she) who defines the narrative wins the issue. With insights informed by message testing, we frame issues to shift momentum, generate buy-in, and move public and decision-maker opinion.

Featured Case Study:

Walton Beach Nourishment

Recent Post:

How to Keep Control During a Q-and-A Session

Coalition Building.

If your voice is being lost in the noise, let us assemble a chorus to raise the volume and harmonize around you. We can help you build a credible coalition of support for your issue, drawing on our strong network of relationships. Then we will work with those voices to demonstrate their support, from media interviews and guest commentaries to testimonials and social media shares.

Featured Case Study:

Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions

Recent Post:

Communities Come Together to Pledge Ticket Purchases to jetBlue

Earned Media.

Our roots in media and nose for news allow us to cultivate hooks that generate on-message media coverage for your issue. Watch us leverage surveys, white papers, endorsements, and other content to keep your issue generating coverage that moves public and decision-maker opinion.

Featured Case Study:

Baseball Injustice

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SMG Named Top Not-For-Profit PR Firm

Issue Advertising.

Issue advertising is a special art form. We create advertising tailored to each platform – television, radio, outdoor, digital, social, direct mail – that captures attention, evokes emotion, and promotes action.

Featured Case Study:

Moms Against Cooties

Recent Post:

Partnering with Sachs Media Group, Alliance for School Choice Achieves Breakthrough with “Drop the Suit” Campaign

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