Florida Athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics


Florida Athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics

With the Winter Olympics imminent, the Sachs Media Group site has generated quite a number of visitors to a 2014 post that showcased Florida-native Olympians who were competing in that year’s Winter Games. That’s right, Floridians in the WINTER Games — and they’re doing it again this year. So you don’t have to wait any longer for this unusual yet riveting news, we’re providing an update on which 2018 events will include fellow Sunshine State residents.

Florida is extremely proud to be represented by five incredible athletes during this year’s 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. It’s odd enough that a state known for its lack of snow would produce athletes who thrive in ice-cold temperatures, but four of the five will be competing in speed skating! Our fifth athlete represents Florida as part of the U.S. Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Team.

Floridians participating in PyeongChang as members of the U.S. Olympic Team include:

  • Brittany Bowe, 29, of Ocala, a speed skater who played girls basketball at Trinity Catholic
  • Joey Mantia, 32, of Ocala, a speed skater who was a world record holder in inline speed skating and attended Ocala Vanguard High School
  • Erin Jackson, 25, of Ocala, a graduate of the University of Florida and former World Champion in inline speed skating
  • Mia Manganello, 28, of Crestview, a speed skater who is a former professional cyclist
  • Brandon Maxwell, 26, of Winter Park, an ice hockey goaltender who has been in net for games all across the globe

So as you watch Team USA in the coming days, give an extra cheer for these men and women who call the Sunshine State their home!