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Someday, when you least expect it, “it” will hit the fan. The good work and goodwill that has built your organization’s reputation over many years can be gone in an instant when a fiscal or physical crisis threatens. We will help undo that mess. We are the strategic partner that can help you avoid missteps and emerge from the crisis with your positive reputation intact. We’ve helped dozens of corporate, government, and not-for-profit clients either get over an immediate mess or proactively plan for, train for, and navigate direct assaults on their reputation.

Public Relations.

In a crisis, media surges like a flood. You have to get in front of it and manage the unfolding story by keeping the media informed and serving as a credible source of information. We can be your essential partner to counsel on messaging and strategy, field media calls, and serve as your on-camera spokesperson – or coach you to shine in front of the cameras.

Featured Case Study:

Amateur Athletic Union

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Social Media.

In a crisis, information spreads like wildfire. You need a communications partner who will monitor online commentary and engage 24/7 to manage public perceptions, share critical facts, and correct misinformation immediately.

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How Social Media is Elevating Airline Crisis Communication

Crisis Planning.

The best way to weather a crisis is to be ready for it. That means having a crisis plan in place that identifies the team needing to engage, the information that needs to be gathered, and the roles to be filled – allowing you to save precious time when the crisis hits.

Featured Case Study:

City Guard

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Crisis Training.

Sure, you learn the most by living through a crisis. But it’s amazing how much you also can learn by walking through a realistic crisis simulation. We will help you gain that indispensable knowledge without suffering the damage by taking your team through a life-like crisis scenario and thinking through how you would react if it was all on the line.

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