What’s Trending in Florida News? Week of January 22-29


What’s Trending in Florida News? Week of January 22-29

With more than 20 million residents and 100 million annual visitors, Florida is often considered a bellwether for the United States. And while thousands of stories emerge from the Sunshine State’s newsrooms each day, only a lucky few rise to the top as Florida’s favorites.

So what news stories do Floridians really care about? And which media outlets are reporting on those stories?

To answer these questions, we recently launched a new series called, “What’s Trending in Florida News?”

Each week, our digital media gurus round up the most viral Florida news – curated by views, comments and shares – so you can see what other Floridians are talking about with their friends and family.

With that said … What was trending over the last week? Let’s take a look.



1. The Challenger commander’s widow recalls that tragic morning, 30 years later.


2. Argh! Hundreds of “pirates” invade Tampa for Gasparilla.


3. A new bill could force Florida schools to display ‘In God we trust.’


4. A driver’s dashcam catches a wild shootout at a Florida intersection.




1. Marky Mark jumps on the UCF bandwagon, congratulating the ‘co-national champion.’


2. An FBI sting nabbed Hallandale’s mayor on campaign finance and money laundering charges.


3. Is Florida Republican Rick Wilson the loudest #NeverTrump voice?


4. Minnie Mouse finally receives her own star on the Walk of Fame.


5. David Beckham was awarded a Miami MLS team, which will begin playing in 2020.