What Makes Sachs Media a Top Place to Work in 2021?


What Makes Sachs Media a Top Place to Work in 2021?

Earlier this year, Sachs Media was recognized as one of Ragan and PR Daily’s Class of 2021 Top Places to Work. That’s a nice acknowledgment, but what does it actually mean?

If we had just one word to describe what makes Sachs Media a top place to work, it would be culture. We pride ourselves on having a deeply supportive culture that inspires staff to treat each other like family.

We rally around one another to produce outstanding results for our clients while also supporting each other personally. When a colleague is sick or injured, loses a loved one, or faces any other life challenge – we’re there for them. When they get married, have a child, or earn a professional recognition – we’re there for them.

“Sachs is a great place to work for so many reasons, but the one that stands out to me most is that we are truly like family. Everyone cares about everyone else, personally and professionally. We laugh, we cry, and no matter what, we always have each others’ backs.” – Kathy Maiorana

“Our nickname for our team is ‘rhinos,’ and you’ll often hear that ‘once a rhino, always a rhino.’ The thing that sets this firm apart is how that’s really true. Colleagues who moved on to other places, even years ago, are still part of the family – they keep in touch, and we often reach out to them for special occasions. Former coworkers remain ongoing friends – that’s what truly makes it feel like a work family rather than just a work place.” – Jon Peck

Many organizations talk about teamwork, but we live it. Some workplaces are beset by competitiveness, an attitude of “if you win, I lose.” That’s not Sachs Media, and never has been. We value collaboration over competition, balancing individual employee recognition with team accolades – because it takes a high-performing team to produce exceptional work for our clients day in and day out.

“When you bring together a group of smart and talented people and have them focus on tackling a significant challenge, it creates an atmosphere of community and camaraderie. Having a culture that prioritizes flexibility and outside-the-box thinking lets us bring creative solutions to the table, knowing that everybody is using their unique talents and abilities to bring us closer to our goal. That’s one of the characteristics that makes Sachs Media unique and such a great place to work.” – Drew Piers

“At Sachs Media, employees are genuinely appreciated. There is a culture of caring that has been cultivated within our Rhino Crash. Colleagues lift each other up both personally and professionally, and everyone is always willing to talk if you have a question, concern, or idea. I know that at Sachs Media I have the opportunity to constantly learn and grow in my role.” – Gabi Castellanos

Inspired by our firm’s spirit animal and unofficial mascot – the hard-charging rhino – we begin each weekly staff meeting with written “Rhino Recognitions.” Anyone has the opportunity to acknowledge a fellow colleague who had a breakthrough success or made an impact on a particular project.

As part of that positive culture, we receive a generous benefit package including health, dental, and life insurance, robust vacation and sick leave, and a company-matched 401(k) plan. The firm regularly revisits salaries, offers a career track for advancement, and provides annual cash bonuses. There are plenty of less-formal benefits, too – things like flex time, opportunities to attend industry events/conferences, team-building outings, and time for volunteering.

When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, leadership quickly transitioned to a work-from-home setup so we could all stay safe without missing a beat. We maintained communication through Slack and Zoom – including firm-wide “Happy Hours” for lighthearted conversations and connections.

We had access to extended mental health support and received frequent meals for our families … AND the firm even awarded all staff additional paid bonus days off, beyond existing paid holidays, to provide extended time to relax and rejuvenate.

Among the many lessons the pandemic has taught us, we’ve learned just how important it is to maintain a stable and healthy work/life flexibility. Working together – even remotely – has enabled us to continue delivering breakthrough results for our clients.

And THAT’s why we’re a top place to work.