Top 10 ‘Must Do’ Action Steps in Crisis Management


Top 10 ‘Must Do’ Action Steps in Crisis Management

Life is filled with unexpected bad surprises in the form of crises — and it’s important to count on the likelihood they will occur. But, few are properly prepared to handle those dire situations. Whether it’s a corporation, government entity, non-profit or individual, preparing for crisis includes having a plan that involves candor, control, cooperation and cool. Rather than let a crisis be defined in the terms and on the turf of others — including media — it’s most important to take charge of telling your own story, painful as that might seem, or risk being on the permanent defensive. 

Presentation given by Ron Sachs, President and CEO of Sachs Media Group, at the 2013 Florida Public Relations Association Annual Conference.


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@RonSachsFla was terrific and kept it real.

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@RonSachsFla is very entertaining! Hard to do when the topic is crisis communications. #PR#FPRA#FPRAac

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At #FPRAac with @RickOpp and our awesome guest speaker, @RonSachsFla speaking on

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