Named 2018 PR Firm of the Year by PRNews

John Evans

research associate


John Evans is a mission-critical researcher and analyst who knows how to find that hidden nugget of data that will help clients drive home their point. He’s in his element generating and analyzing surveys, checking the facts, and generating deliverable reports that explain what it all means. He’s a researcher who understands how to apply his findings to the real world, as evidenced by the “Outstanding Applied Project” award he earned for his master’s thesis in applied economics. Since joining Sachs Media Group in 2018, John has managed and made presentations on numerous research initiatives, including work on market surveys, lead generation, and voter sentiment. Previously, he was an independent researcher and intern at Brookhaven National Laboratory, where he aided in the design of a specialized particle accelerator. John earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics and Master’s in applied economics, both from Florida State University.