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If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, then you have the wrong PR firm! Our specialty is making sure people hear it — whether they ever set foot in the woods. We leverage our vast network of media relationships, superb storytelling, and precision media placement to get your cause covered and to ensure that your message gets the results you want. 

What We Do

Strategic messaging

Data-driven storytelling

Earned media outreach

Reputation management

Crisis communications

Thought leadership

Media training

Polling and message testing

Digital content creation and promotion

Creative design and production

Monitoring, reporting, and analysis

We Keep Great Company


  • 2019 FPRA All-Florida Golden Image Award Dick Pope Award

    for Best Campaign of the Year,
    Rebuild Florida

  • 2019 FPRA All-Florida Golden Image Award

    for Best Public Service Campaign,
    Healthy Pools

Golden Image Awards 2019 Group Photo

Thanks to the tremendous work of Sachs Media, we were able to quickly connect thousands of Floridians whose homes were devastated by Hurricane Irma and get them relief, delivering results that far surpassed our expectations.

Jon Mabry
Vice President of Disaster Recovery

Case Studies

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Rebuild Florida

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Water Quality and Health Council

Spreading Food Safety with Foodie Influencers

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Ben Crump Law

Elevating a Thought Leader to the National Stage

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Thought Leadership

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