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The only part of the internet that’s a permanent fixture is change. In an environment where the ground is constantly shifting, you need a team that knows not just where you are but where you’re going. More than 88% of consumers do research online before making a purchase. And since we typed that, we’d bet it’s already jumped to 89%. Your brand’s digital presence is essential to survival. See how we can help you maximize the power of the web.

What We Do

Social media management

Website development

Digital content creation

Creative design

Digital ad targeting

Video production

Data analytics and reporting

Digital dashboards

We Keep Great Company


  • Bulldog Digital/Social PR Awards

    Best Use of Digital/Social in a Healthcare Campaign

  • Bulldog Digital/Social PR Awards

    Best Use of SEO in a PR Campaign

  • FPRA Golden Image Award

    for Digital Promotion


Sachs Media works with us to engage a core audience for our brand. They’ve worked hard to master our issues and their efforts are paying off. Their digital strategies are fun, innovative, but most importantly — successful!

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