Sachs Media Group Experts Discuss Importance of Managing a Crisis


Sachs Media Group Experts Discuss Importance of Managing a Crisis

In the midst of such crises as the NBA Clippers owner’s racist comments and the return of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston into an unwanted public spotlight, Sachs Media Group crisis communication experts provided helpful insights on how to respond in difficult situations.

On Tallahassee ABC affiliate WTXL’s “Scandalous: Profile of a Fixer” segment, which aired on May 1, Sachs Media Group Chief Operating Officer Michelle Ubben and Vice President of Public Relations Jon Peck discussed the importance of clear communication during a crisis.

“The thing about a crisis is that it gets away from you really quickly,” said Ubben. “It’s important to get all the facts and all the details as quickly as you can.”

In the recent scandal concerning racist remarks, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling failed to issue an apology or other public statement. This is a costly mistake that allows third parties to shape the way the issue is perceived by the public.

After being recorded making the ill-advised remarks, “The biggest mistake he made was allowing his image to be defined by people he can’t control,” said Peck. “He let TMZ define the discussion.”

Crisis management experts universally recognize the importance of getting in front of the story and addressing bad news before it gets worse. It also helps to display heartfelt remorse and issue an apology when your actions don’t reflect your true character.

“We do forgive people in our country, but you have to be accountable and you have to stand up for what you did,” added Ubben.

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