Spreading Food Safety with Foodie Influencers


Spreading Food Safety with Foodie Influencers

Water Quality and Health Council


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In an effort to improve Americans’ food safety practices while preparing special meals during the end-of-year holiday season, Sachs Media conceived and executed the Plate It Safe campaign on behalf of the Water Quality and Health Council, a national organization. The campaign was intended to help make America’s home kitchens safer by educating American adults who regularly cook or bake about the importance of food safety and how to engage in specific safety behaviors.

The campaign conducted a survey of consumer attitudes and behaviors and successfully leveraged it to generate national media coverage and heavy social media engagement. In addition, we forged effective partnerships with influential food bloggers, who were recruited to include food safety tips in their recipes and video content.


Media Outlets


TV broadcasts with viewership of 3.2 million

2.4 Million

Audience over 10 Radio Networks


Followers among 23 Food Bloggers


Video Views on Facebook and Instagram