National Take A Hike Day: 9 Nature Trails We Like Wandering


National Take A Hike Day: 9 Nature Trails We Like Wandering

Tackling the toughest communications challenges isn’t the only way Sachs Media Group rhinos spend their time. In celebration of National Take a Hike Day, the SMG team wants to share its favorite hiking trails from across the globe!

Mt. Princeton Trail — Nathrop, CO

Last summer, SMG colleague Drew Piers and his wife Becca hiked 14,000+ feet to the top of Mt. Princeton in Colorado. This was an exhilarating hike, and the mountain is famously portrayed on the Coors Light can!


Providence Canyon “Backcountry Trail” — Lumpkin, GA

This 7-mile trail through “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon” is one of SMG colleague Valerie Gardner’s favorites. Only two hours from Tallahassee, this hike takes you from the bottom of the canyon to up around the edges, where the views are just breathtaking.


Lake Ella Park — Tallahassee, FL

Allison Couch, a self-proclaimed non-hiker, takes her short, brisk hikes at Lake Ella in Tallahassee! She goes often and does a few laps around the lake to feed the ducks and geese. Here, she is seen showing a duck a portrait she painted of him. Or her.


Black Rock Mountain “Tennessee Rock Trail” — Mountain City, GA

Every year when that cool fall air begins to appear, SMG rhino Chris Crouch and his girlfriend Sarah try to find a new place to do some hiking. One of their favorites is Black Rock Mountain State Park, which contains five mountain ranges that peak at 3,000+ feet in elevation, making this park the highest in Georgia. In addition to getting exercise and a breath of fresh air, Chris is determined to find the elusive Bigfoot.


Tiger Mountain Trail — Issaquah, WA

Daniella Frank spent this past summer hiking trails in Washington state. Her favorite was Tiger Mountain, which had many beautiful sights (but no tigers). The scenery changes as the trail goes up, transitioning between biomes, including a delightfully fragrant pine forest – with a fun opportunity to see paragliders launch from the peak once you reach the top!


Grand Teton National Park — Jackson Hole, WY

This summer, one of our SMG interns, Jordan Mauro, visited Grand Teton National Park, where there are hundreds of miles of trails to choose from – and everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by mountains, lakes, and wildflowers. He can speak from experience when he says it’s a pretty awesome place to pop the question.


Mt. Rigi Hiking Trails — Lucerne, Switzerland

After getting engaged over the summer, Shelby Hobbs and her fiancè Josh hiked many Alpine mountain trails in Lucerne, Switzerland. The downhill hike, with frequent breaks for snacks and wine, was an absolute dream.


Buttermilk Falls “Gorge Trail” — Ithaca, NY

One of the perks of living in Syracuse is how close it is to some of the Northeast’s most picturesque state parks, especially in the fall. One of the go-to hiking trails for Ashley Perkins’ and her husband Landon is in Buttermilk Falls, located about an hour away in Ithaca, NY. Famous for its cascading waterfalls, Buttermilk Falls is the perfect place for novice hikers, as the trails are fairly short and easy … but be forewarned, there are a LOT of steps to get to the top!


Dingle Peninsula Trail — Killarney, Ireland

Though not very adventurous in the states, SMG intern Lindsay Hughes did a lot of hiking when she studied abroad in summer 2016. Her favorite spot was this hike in Killarney, Ireland, where they were filming part of the most recent Star Wars movie!


With the crisp weather upon us, there’s no better time than National Take a Hike Day to throw on your boots, step into the fresh air, and trek on.