How Did These Infamous Scandals Rank?


How Did These Infamous Scandals Rank?

On Tallahassee ABC affiliate WTXL’s “Scandalous: Profile of a Fixer” segment, Sachs Media Group’s Director of Strategy and Research Ryan Banfill graded a series of infamous scandals on how they were handled and their outcomes.

In response to President Clinton’s impeachment following his confession that he did in fact have a sexual relationship with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Ryan Banfill commented, “Many saw the impeachment as an unfair attack on the president with the sex acts being consensual.”

“At the end of the day looking back on it, you have to give President Clinton an 8.5,” Banfill stated. “He’s weathered the storm and is one of the most respected people in the world.”

Banfill says golfer Tiger Woods also makes the grade. Following the rumors that surfaced about him cheating on his wife, several women came forward claiming an affair with Tiger Woods. Since then, the golfer has been able to rebuild his image.

“He’s one victory away from being golden again. I give him a seven,” Banfill said.

At the other end of the scale is celebrity chef Paula Deen. Banfill says it will be a long road for her and her brand to make a comeback after apologizing for using racial slurs.

“She took a significant hit on the racism and bigotry issue,” said Banfill. “That’s going to be hard for her to climb out of. I would give Paula Deen a 2.5, a three.”

Grammy-winning R&B artist Chris Brown received a three from Banfill. He admitted to hitting ex-girlfriend Rihanna and was recently in jail for violating his probation.

“The problem Chris Brown has is that he’s known more for the hits he’s put on other people than the hits he’s put on the radio,” Banfill said.

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