Get to know our newest Rhino! A Q&A with Kathy Maiorana


Get to know our newest Rhino! A Q&A with Kathy Maiorana

Sachs Media Group is thrilled to welcome Kathy Maiorana as the newest addition to the Rhino family. To help introduce her as part of our team, she’s answered a few personal and professional questions:


Q: What was your first job in the world of communications?

A:  I think you use communications strategies, tactics, and skills in just about every job, regardless of industry. But, if we’re being super technical, my first “PR” job was with Golin about 12 years ago in Chicago.


Q: What is your role at Sachs Media Group?

A: I joined as senior vice president of strategy and business development. My primary role is to cultivate and develop new business for the agency. I’m also going to partner with Ron Sachs on select strategic initiatives for the firm.


Q: Before working at Sachs Media Group, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: Nothing super unusual but I’ve had a few very interesting jobs. I worked for a World’s Best 50 Restaurant in the “corporate” office and was amazed at the level of detail and precision in execution in every aspect of the business, from the kitchen to the dining room to operations. For example, there was only one way to wipe a table clean. Also, I once provided public relations support for a pretty well-known “love and relationship” expert. That was pretty interesting.


Q: Do you have a favorite newspaper, blog?

A: I really enjoy the New York Times and Washington Post. I read both first thing in the morning. While not newspapers or blogs, I like Eater, People and the Daily Beast a lot, too.


Q: What initially drew you to work at Sachs Media Group?

A: It was kismet. I was introduced to Ron through a mutual friend.  Sachs was looking for someone to help with business development and it so happened that I previously led business development and marketing for another PR firm a few years earlier and was seeking a new opportunity.  After meeting Ron, Michelle and Ryan, and the rest of the team, I knew it would be a perfect fit and terrific place to work.


Q: If you could do another job for a day, what would it be and why?

A: Ooh, this one is hard. I would say professional chef or trapeze artist. Chef because I love food and cooking. Trapeze artist because I used to take aerial classes and flying trapeze was my favorite. If I had been in the FSU Circus when I was an undergrad, my career might have gone in a totally different direction.


Q: What is your motto, favorite quote or personal mantra and why?

A: “This too shall pass.”  When life is going good, enjoy every moment. And when things are tough, remember it will pass. Nothing is forever. Life is a series of ups and downs. If everything was great all of the time, you would never know it or appreciate it.


Q: What are your hopes for Sachs Media Group?

A: The agency hat trick – to be named Agency of the Year, Best Place to Work, and honored with Campaign of the Year –  all in the same year.


Q: What are the goals you wish to achieve within your position?

A: I’d love to see the agency double in size in the next 5-7 years and grow a larger client base beyond Florida. It’s an aggressive goal but with discipline, we can get there.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: Hopefully, semi-retired but still working in some capacity, whether that means consulting or volunteering or teaching.