Top 10 "Florida Man" Headlines of 2014


Top 10 "Florida Man" Headlines of 2014

Florida is regularly the home of some of the oddest news headlines in the nation. 

For nearly two years, the Florida Man Twitter feed and Sub-Reddit category have compiled thousands of these odd headlines describing the adventures of “Florida Man,” a wacky resident of the Sunshine State.

As 2014 comes to an end, Sachs Media Group has compiled a list of the top 10 “Florida Man” headlines of the year. Scroll down to vote for your favorite “Florida Man” (or “Florida Woman”) story.


1. Florida Man Accused of Killing Roommate Asked Siri Where to Hide the Body

US police say a Florida man accused of killing his roommate asked Apple’s digital assistant Siri for advice on hiding the body the day the man went missing. Read the article on

2. Florida Woman Sets Car on Fire After Man Refuses to Buy Her a McFlurry

So you go to McDonald’s with a friend and he refuses to buy you a McFlurry. The logical reaction? Set his car on fire. That’s how a Jacksonville woman allegedly reacted after the man she was with refused to buy her a delicious McFlurry shake inside the fast food giant. Read the article on

3. Florida Man Deliberately Scuttles ‘Pay It Forward’ Starbucks Line

A Florida man put an end to another “pay it forward” streak at a local Starbucks because he said he thinks people were participating out of “guilt,” not “generosity.” Peter Schorsch drove to the Starbucks drive-thru in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Thursday after hearing about the pay it forward phenomenon there that ended with customer… Read the article on

4. Florida Man, Caught Robbing House by Armed Homeowner, Offers to Mow Lawn if Let Go Before Police Arrive

A homeowner held a burglar at gunpoint Wednesday morning, and while the man waited in his house for police to arrive, the intruder made an odd proposition: In exchange for his freedom, the burglar offered to mow the man’s lawn. Read the article on

5. Florida Man in Human-Powered Inflatable Bubble Trying to Run from FL to Bermuda is Rescued by Coast Guard

An ultra-marathoner trying to “run” from Florida to Bermuda in a human-powered inflatable bubble was rescued Saturday morning after he signaled for help, the Coast Guard said. Reza Baluchi, according to his website, has set a goal of running across more than 190 recognized nations to encourage world peace. Read the article on

6. Florida Man Stops and Pays Toll While Leading Police on High Speed Chase

Deputies said a driver was arrested early Monday after he led them on a two-county chase, stopping to pay a highway toll along the way. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said the driver of a blue Ford Mustang first fled from police in Sanford after an officer tried to pull the car over for a traffic violation. Read the article on

7. Florida Man Sets Fire in Bar to Avoid Paying Tab

March Madness apparently came early for a 33-year-old man after police say he drank $80 worth of alcohol, set a trash can on fire and punched two men in the face at a South Daytona bar. Read the article on

8. Town Passes Anti-Homeless Ordinance Prohibiting Lying Down in Parks. Homeless Florida Man Calls Police on Family Having a Picnic. Family is Escorted Away.

A local Fort Walton Beach family says their afternoon at a local park was ruined after a homeless person complained to police that they were lying down. Read the article on

9. Florida Man Tries to Pay for Sex with Food Stamps

Daytona Beach police said they discovered a new type of food stamp fraud, when a suspect offered his EBT card in exchange for sex. The suspect and several other alleged johns were arrested near Ridgewood and Fremont avenues. Read the article on

10. Florida Man Uses Marijuana Plants to Beat Brother

Deputies said a Polk County man used marijuana plants to beat up his brother. Rodney Brown, 31, was arrested over the weekend in Lakeland after he and 33-year-old Jackie Brown got into a verbal altercation at the house they share. Read the article on

Who’s Your Pick for “Florida Man” of the Year?