Top 10 "Florida Man" Headlines of 2015


Top 10 "Florida Man" Headlines of 2015

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Florida is home to many of the nation’s oddest news stories.

For nearly twenty years, Sachs Media Group’s PR professionals have sifted through the Sunshine State’s newspapers and read with delight and amazement some of the stories that could only happen in Florida.

As 2015 comes to an end, our team has compiled a list of the top 10 “Florida Man” headlines of the year – stories that describe the adventures of “Florida Man,” the wackiest resident of the Sunshine State. Each story is accompanied by an original illustration by our talented cartoonist friend, Bill Day.
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1. Florida Man Allegedly Rides Sea Turtle, Spears Shark

One Miami man tried to do his best “ruler of the sea” impression, but it landed him in jail after he allegedly rode a sea turtle and speared a shark. Read this article on

2. Florida Man Turns Up Drunk to Collect Mothers Against Drunk Driving Award

A Florida police officer who was due to be honored at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving conference turned up drunk to collect his award. He was found wandering in a hotel hallway stripped to his underwear. Read this article on

3. Florida Man’s Flatulence In Bed Sets Off Wife, Leads To Arrest

A Florida woman is accused of attacking her husband after he repeatedly passed gas in bed. She elbowed him and kicked him out of bed, but the flatulence continued. The couple got into a physical confrontation and the wife discharged a canister of pepper spray. Read this article on

4. Impaled Florida Man Saved by Power Saw-Wielding Pastor

A Central Florida laborer was painting a home when he fell backward off a ladder and landed on rebar that protruded from a partially constructed pillar. A pastor heard the man’s screams, cut the rebar with his electric power saw, and freed him. Read this article on

5. Florida Woman Mistakenly Glues Her Eye Shut With Super Glue

“Something blew into my eye and I screamed for someone else to get eye drops out of my purse and they brought Super Glue.” Read this article on

6. Florida Man Films His Own Car Crash with Selfie Stick

Armed with a selfie stick and a blatant disregard for the road ahead of him, a Florida man captured a canoe crashing through his windshield during a gator-hunting expedition. Read this article on

7. Florida Man Paints His Name On Cop Cars, Gets Arrested

A Florida man was arrested after painting his name on two police cars. He said he was upset that officers parked in front of his house when they were responding to a call from another residence. Read this article on

8. Florida Man Gets DUI While Driving A Motorized Wheelchair

A Florida man was arrested for obstructing traffic on a bridge while driving under the influence in his motorized wheelchair. Read the article on

9. Florida Man Flips Beer Truck Because He Was Distracted by His Adorable Puppy

A Florida man overturned his truck filled with hundreds of Bud Light cans. He had drifted to the shoulder of the roadway after his small dog distracted him. Read this article on

10. Florida Man Bit By Shark Catches Shark, Says He’ll Eat It

A commercial fisherman tangled with a shark after it bit his hand and tried to tug him under the water during a surf session. The man said he will smoke and eat the shark, which he insisted was the same one that latched onto his hand the day before. Read this article on WeatherPlus (via

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