Employee Spirit Month: Tips to Boost Morale Year-Round


Employee Spirit Month: Tips to Boost Morale Year-Round

There has been so much to be excited about during the month of March: the first day of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, and more. But if your bracket looks anything like mine, chances are your morale is sagging. Thankfully, March is also Employee Spirit Month. While you and your team continue to grieve over the bracket-busting upset of the century, here are a few tips to boost your office morale as March comes to a close.

Learn something new about your coworkers.

Most adults typically spend eight hours, and several years, with the same coworkers. You owe it to yourself to know about these people you practically live with, more than just their position at your company and how their lunch smells.

Here at SMG, a weekly fun-fact trivia question about a workmate is posted in the kitchen for all Rhinos to see. As we guess the answer to questions like “Who was in a break dance group called ‘East Coast Invasion’?” or “Who spent time on the yacht of a Saudi Arabian prince?” laughs are shared as we learn a bit more about the people who surround us. This quick icebreaker at a SMG retreat soon became a yearlong journey to learn more about the wonderful folks we work with.

Every one of your coworkers has a story, whether it’s their 10th year or first day on the job. Make sure you take a step back and give yourself, and your coworkers, the chance to share these unique stories. You might just find that you have a lot more in common with the colleague sitting across from you than you thought.

Show appreciation.

It’s easy to feel buried in the constant grind of your workload, but knowing you’re appreciated can brighten anyone’s day. Whether there’s a need to lighten the pressure of a looming deadline or simply the Monday blues, it’s important that gratitude constantly fills the air.

At SMG we use Rhino Recognition cards to encourage our fellow Rhinos to share their appreciation for each other. A coworker can highlight a specific task you undertook or use it as an opportunity to thank you for helping them through an overloaded day. These recognition cards can be seen throughout our offices, acting as an ever-present reminder that hard work is valued and each of us is appreciated. When those tough moments hit, a glance at a warm note of appreciation can go a long way toward providing a much-needed boost.

In any relationship, it’s important to give as much, and even more, than you take – and the relationships fostered at work are no different. Make it your goal today to show your appreciation for your coworkers and promote a happier and encouraging workplace.

When all else fails get some food.

Let’s face it, we’re human. We get tired and we get hungry. Those long workdays are draining, but there is no better mood booster than food. Whether it’s a stroll with a coworker to your favorite bakery, bringing in some homemade sweets to share, or stealing from your desk-mate’s box of Wheat Thins (sorry Valerie), food simply makes a long day of work a bit better … and tastier.

Not only does this combat the ‘hangriness’ of the mid-afternoon slump, but it allows you and your colleagues to take a mental break and refresh. It’s no surprise that here at SMG, many Rhinos can be found in the kitchen soaking up the brain fuel that proves crucial to sustaining a productive day.

So in the last few days of Employee Spirit month, try these simple steps to ease the pain of March Madness. Ask a coworker about their day. Write a thank-you note to your boss. Share your leftover pizza with a starving intern. However you choose to do it, show the people around you how much you appreciate them for putting up with you.