Elevating a Thought Leader to the National Stage


Elevating a Thought Leader to the National Stage

Ben Crump Law

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Regional civil rights attorney Ben Crump engaged Sachs Media to help raise his profile as a leading national voice on civil rights matters among his target audiences of victimized African-Americans and lawyers across the U.S.

We developed a comprehensive thought leadership strategy that included a steady stream of op-eds aimed at national media outlets, commenting on civil rights issues of the day, paired with media pitching about Crump’s participation in high-profile speaking appearances, films, and television shows, and his involvement in emerging legal cases. We also created a focused national strategy to position his new law firm as filling a critical niche in securing justice for people of color, with the help of partner law firms across the country.

Through our efforts, we helped propel Ben Crump from a well-regarded regional advocate to a prominent national figure whose insights are regularly sought by national media and whose legal expertise is greatly desired in high-profile civil rights cases.


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