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Helping property owners defend their beach

Comprehensive public affairs campaign puts the spotlight on a destructive coastal project.


With the support of many coastal property owners, Sachs Media Group was engaged to point out the consequences of a misguided beach nourishment project proposed by county officials. The so-called “nourishment” project would have dumped tons of inferior sand on Walton County’s famous, sugar-white beaches and was wildly unpopular among the property owners it was supposedly designed to benefit.


We developed a comprehensive campaign, propelling this issue into the spotlight and causing the community to re-evaluate the merits of the project. Tactics included a plane flying banners across the beach on crowded weekends, securing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s participation, and bringing in nationally recognized beach spokesman Dr. Stephen Leatherman (“Dr. Beach”).

This is a project we haven’t requested, don’t want, and which the government can’t afford.

— Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Walton Beach Nourishment Coalition Member

Public Affairs

Dr. Beach Report

Expert Assessment

Sachs Media Group brought on nationally recognized beach expert Dr. Stephen Leatherman, widely known as “Dr. Beach,” who analyzed the situation and wrote a robust report detailing the consequences the Walton County beach would face if the nourishment project came to fruition. The report caught the attention of county commissioners, property owners, and other stakeholders, helping lead to the defeat of the beach nourishment project.

Newspaper Ads


We designed newspaper ads and placed them strategically in the Northwest Florida Daily News, in order to reach our target audience with the message that the beach nourishment project would be bad for the beach, taxpayers, and property rights.

"Lines In The Sand"

Media Coverage

Our work to publicize this issue, which would have negatively affected property owners and other stakeholders, led to front-page coverage in the Northwest Florida Daily News, among numerous other news stories.



We developed a website to house all campaign materials, containing vital information about the proposed “beach nourishment” project for the public and journalists covering the issue. The site boasted a call to action and allowed residents to easily send a message to Walton County Commissioners urging them to stop the plan. Ultimately, the website and call to action contributed to putting an end to the proposed beach nourishment project.

"Probably More" TV Spot

Public Service Announcement, television ad

Our team scripted and implemented a strategic television ad buy that put our client’s message before the right audience, directing residents to take immediate action against the beach nourishment proposal.


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