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Shining Light on a Dark Topic

Preventing child sexual abuse with educational tools, awareness campaigns, and more.


Lauren’s Kids’ founder and CEO Lauren Book wanted her organization to better prevent childhood sexual abuse and help survivors heal. Lauren’s Kids engaged our firm to conceptualize and bring to life a breakthrough strategy that would get people aware, educated, and mobilized to prevent this dark, societal secret – child sexual abuse.


We branded the Lauren’s Kids foundation and generated extensive, multi-year media coverage – including the cover of Newsweek – around an annual 1,500-mile walk for awareness throughout Florida. We worked with the foundation to create an award-winning array of print and digital educational tools, including prevention curriculum for grades K-12.

The Sachs team is proactive, creative and collaborative, and they are trusted partners — your work becomes their work, your passions, their passions.

— Lauren Book, Founder of Lauren's Kids

Integrated Marketing

Safer, Smarter Kids and Safer, Smarter Teens Curriculum Kit

Branding, design, copywriting

We worked with the Lauren’s Kids Foundation to create comprehensive sexual abuse prevention and education curriculum kits that span pre-K through high school. The kits include a teacher’s facilitator guide, activities, parent letters, interactive materials, and engaging videos.


Website design, development

We created a website with compelling content on a user-friendly platform that highlighted survivor stories and educational resources. The website serves as a main hub for all aspects of the Foundation’s work, from providing helpful resources like the Parent Toolkit to highlighting the Foundation’s state and international advocacy work.

Website design, development

This educational website provides resources for parents and teachers regarding the unique threats facing teens. We designed the site to resonate with a younger audience and motivate middle- and high-school educators to adopt and implement this first-ever curriculum aimed at these grade levels.

Website design, development

Designed in a bright, welcoming, and child-appropriate format, the Safer, Smarter Kids website provides practical instruction for educators and parents to help children avoid the traps that abusers set. The website promotes the curriculum, Pre-K through 5th grade, and provides support for educators as they seek to implement the curriculum in their classrooms.

Public Relations

Mission Promotion and Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Since the Foundation’s inception, we have promoted its mission to the media, generating Florida and national media coverage about child sexual abuse prevention and positioning the Foundation and Lauren as experts. We promoted market-by-market media coverage of Lauren’s annual walk across Florida. Through our efforts, Lauren and her cause have been featured on Nancy Grace, USA Today, Lisa Ling, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and the cover of Newsweek.



High-profile endorsements from influencers for 2011 walk


Positive local, state, and national news stories for 2011 walk


Attendees at the 2011 Lauren’s Kids walk


Supported Lauren's advocacy of the "Walk In My Shoes" act.


GOLDEN IMAGE Award of Distinction and Judges Award
2012's Grand All Image Award
2014 National Gracie Award
Two 2014 Silver ADDYs for NY Billboard and Lauren's Kids brochure
2014 Local FPRA
2015 Local ADDYs
2016 National ADDY