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Ending injustice for baseball players

Strategic awareness campaign about unjust practices leads to legislative reform.


Loopholes in Major League Baseball’s rules allowed cartels and other crime organizations to exploit talented athletes in other countries and engage in human trafficking.


Sachs Media Group, with the support of several prominent Florida lawmakers, created an effective campaign that both increased awareness of this growing issue and attracted national attention to MLB’s unjust rule. We used such tactics as an informative campaign website, video interviews with lawmakers, news releases, statements, opinion pieces, and other methods to draw national attention to this problem.

This campaign created a groundswell of support that helped us move the Legislature to action — almost overnight.

— State Rep. Matt Gaetz

Public Affairs

Media Attention

Media Coverage

Sachs Media Group promoted this issue to the media, generating Florida and national media coverage about the Major League Baseball rules that allowed cartels to exploit talented athletes in other countries. We positioned prominent lawmakers as experts and made them available to media.


Web design, development

Sachs Media Group created a media microsite to house information, quotes, press releases, and other relevant items about the MLB issue to inform the public and work as a tool for reporters covering the story.


250+ Visitors

to during 2014 session


individual visitors and 154 plays of the legislator video soundbites on YouTube

250+ Visitors

to during 2014 session


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