Named 2018 PR Firm of the Year by PRNews

Case Studies.

Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions

Every Baby Deserves A Healthy Start

Innovative social media campaign boosts awareness about important prenatal and family health services in Florida.

Healthy Start Case Study

Case Study

Lauren's Kids

Shining A Light On A Dark Topic

Preventing child sexual abuse with educational tools, awareness campaigns, and more.

Lauren's Kids Case Study

Case Study

People's Trust Insurance

A Better Way To Market Insurance

Refocusing and defining a brand and its messaging to resonate with its target audience.

PTI Case Study

Case Study

Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs

Reaching Underserved Veterans In Florida

Outreach strategies and new branding help connect underserved veterans with FDVA services they earned.

FDVA Case Study

Case Study

Moms Against Cooties

Making conversations brighter when talking about Bleach

Innovative public relations campaign strategy engages target audience with positive messaging.

Moms Against Cooties Case Study

Case Study

Baseball Injustice

Ending Injustice For Baseball Players

Strategic awareness campaign about unjust practices leads to reform.

Baseball Injustice Case Study

Case Study

Walton Beach Nourishment

Helping Coastal Property Owners Defend Their Beach

Comprehensive campaign propels issue into spotlight, saves beach from destructive project.

Walton Beach Nourishment Case Study

Case Study


Launching a New Statewide Brand

Promotional messaging earns wider audience, generates brand awareness and results.

E|VEST Case Study

Case Study

Florida Chamber of Commerce

Telling the Florida Brand Story

Analyzing how people perceive the Sunshine State leads to interesting findings, new opportunities.

Florida Chamber Case Study

Case Study


Crisis: Learn Before You Live It

Educational workshops, webinars, and materials to help cities prepare before a crisis hits.

FLCityGuard Case Study

Case Study

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

Making Youth Sports Safer After Abuse Allegations

Strategic response, management, and quick actions to improve practices mitigate crisis.

AAU Case Study

Case Study

Healthy Pools

Promoting Good Swimmer Hygiene

Great ideas and strategic partnerships lead to public awareness of proper pool disinfection practices.

Healthy Pools Case Study

Case Study

Rally In Tally

Turning Thousands of Protesters Into Statewide News Coverage

Florida’s School Choice movement makes history with help of strategic planning, campaign

Rally in Tally Case Study

Case Study

Hurricane Matthew

Earning Media Coverage Amid a Storm of Monster Proportion

Hurricane Matthew was no match for Rhinos – with smart thinking and teamwork, we jumped into action for our clients who had a role to play in cleaning up after the disaster.

Hurricane Matthew Case Study

Case Study

Statewide Constitution Revision Education

Protect Florida Democracy: Our Constitution. Our Rights. Our Courts

Doubling voter awareness of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission through public education.

Constitional Education Case Study

Case Study