25 Breakthrough Campaigns

1. Explore Adoption

Helping Florida Find Permanent Homes for Kids in Care

Sachs Media rebranded the State of Florida’s public adoption system and created the Explore Adoption campaign to find homes for the hardest-to-place foster children -- teens, sibling groups, and kids with disabilities. The campaign, which included a new website, print and digital materials, and an Emmy Award-winning television special, increased web traffic and calls to the Adoption Information Center and led Florida to back-to-back record years for finalized adoptions.

2. Beating Big Tobacco

Florida’s Tobacco Lawsuit Settlement

In the firm’s first two years, Sachs Media helped the Governor and the State of Florida beat Big Tobacco over the massive health care costs being paid by taxpayers for sick smokers. We generated persuasive media outcomes that prevailed in the court of public opinion, without a courtroom jury ever being seated, setting the stage for the tobacco industry surrendering. That heralded Florida’s landmark $11.3 billion settlement with tobacco companies in 1997.

3. No Butts About It

Winning Approval for a Dollar-a-Pack Tax on Cigarettes

In 2009, Sachs Media conducted the “No But(t)s About It” public relations campaign, encouraging lawmakers to raise health care funding for children, the medically needy, individuals with disabilities, and the unemployed by adding a dollar-per-pack tax on cigarette sales in Florida. The campaign educated target audiences about the importance of the funding and generated extensive positive statewide media coverage, leading to a historic bipartisan vote by the Florida Legislature to pass a $1-per-pack cigarette tax increase.

4. Honoring Those
Who Served US

Connecting Florida’s Veterans with
$2 Billion in Earned Benefits

The Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs engaged Sachs Media to better reach and serve the state’s veterans so they could draw down meaningful benefits and services they have earned and deserved. We rebranded FDVA to distinguish it from USDVA, and launched new outreach strategies to connect with underserved veterans, helping the agency increase services to never-before reached veterans by 74% and resulting in a $2 billion increase in benefits drawn down by Florida veterans. This campaign, “Honoring Those Who Served US,” was honored in 2013 as the top public relations campaign of the year statewide by the Florida Public Relations Association.

5. Lauren’s Kids

Shining Light on a Dark Topic

Sachs Media partnered with Lauren’s Kids founder (and now state Senator) Lauren Book to bring to life a breakthrough strategy to raise awareness and educate the public about child sexual abuse. Over a six-year period, this partnership achieved multiple successes, including passage of the “Walk In My Shoes” Act, creation of an abuse prevention curriculum for grades K-12, a national Gracie Award-winning television special that aired statewide on network affiliate television, and extensive media coverage including Lauren’s Kids being featured on the cover of Newsweek.

6. Don't Miss the Signs

Promoting Child Abuse Reporting

Sachs Media was engaged by the Florida Department of Children and Families and Lauren’s Kids to create a comprehensive statewide behavior change campaign to inform Floridians about their legal obligation to report child abuse. “Don’t Miss the Signs” used a variety of tools, including compelling PSAs and outdoor advertising in English and Spanish to increase the number of reports to the department’s online reporting tool by 43% over the prior year and increase the number of calls to the hotline by 33%.

7. Rebuild Florida

Connecting Hurricane Irma Victims to Federal Aid

After Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in Florida in 2017, the Rebuild Florida program was created to help Florida residents recover from the storm’s significant damage to their homes and draw down federal aid. Over the course of the six-month campaign, Sachs Media spearheaded strategic communications, digital outreach and media coverage, raising awareness of the program, targeting eligible Floridians, and helping to generate more than 15,000 program applications from qualified Florida homeowners in six months.

8. Rebuild 850

Rallying Help for Florida's Panhandle
after Hurricane Michael

When the Florida Panhandle was decimated by Hurricane Michael in 2018, Sachs Media conceived, created, and conducted the REBUILD 850 initiative to keep the region’s ongoing needs front and center even as public attention moved on. The donated campaign, including a website, earned media and social media, urged those who wanted to help to DONATE, VOLUNTEER, VISIT and INVEST. Our work helped generate more than $400,000 in donations for aid to the area, thousands of volunteer hours and made sure the Forgotten Coast was not forgotten.

9. Amateur Athletic Union

Saving the Reputation of a Venerated Organization

When the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), the nation’s oldest and most respected youth sporting organization, was blindsided by nationally broadcast allegations of sexual abuse of young male athletes by its longtime president decades earlier, the organization hired Sachs Media to help it navigate through the crisis. We implemented a crisis management initiative, advising AAU to open clear and consistent communication and immediately remove the veteran president, staged a major news conference and helped establish two independent blue-ribbon task forces of experts. When these task forces issued their findings six months later and AAU implemented them, the organization was hailed for its actions.

10. Get Ready, Florida!

Helping Floridians Survive Hurricane Season

Sachs Media has produced Get Ready, Florida! -- a comprehensive annual statewide hurricane preparedness campaign for more than 20 years. With a collaborative coalition of key corporate and government partners, nonprofit organizations, and industry experts, Get Ready, Florida! filled knowledge gaps, busted myths, and helped Floridians -- both longtime residents and recent transplants -- prepare for and mitigate against the dangers associated with an active hurricane season.

11. Preventing Opioid Misuse in Florida

Expanding Access to Abuse Deterrents

In 2016, Sachs Media partnered with a number of organizations to advocate for legislation providing expanded access to abuse-deterrent opioid formulations. We developed and secured prominent placement of news releases and op-eds and worked op-ed worked with representatives from the Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and the Broward County Medical Association to shed light on this important legislation. Because of the wave of public support behind this legislation, it was overwhelmingly enacted into law.

12. Healthy Pools

Helping Americans Swim Safely

Since 2011, Sachs Media has helped the Water Quality & Health Council produce its annual Healthy Pools campaign, educating millions of public pool users about swimmer hygiene and empowering them to take more active roles in protecting themselves from waterborne illnesses. In partnership with the CDC, the campaign leverages a media rollout of an annual survey, social media content and video elements to reach millions of Americans per year and generate coverage in thousands of media outlets, including such national outlets as The New York Times, USA Today, CBS News, Men's Health, Reader’s Digest. The campaign has received numerous awards including multiple FPRA Image and ADDY Awards, in addition to a AAPC Pollie Award.

13. Half-Penny for Leon County Schools

Funding School Improvements

Sachs Media twice donated its services to launch successful campaigns to persuade Leon voters to pass a half-penny sales tax increase to fix aging infrastructure in local public schools. At a time when most tax referenda failed, Sachs Media built a campaign around independent validation and documentation of the needs by the business community. This included a tour of schools by business leaders and the media to see needs firsthand. Partnering with the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and the Leon Alliance for Better County Schools, Sachs Media built campaigns to generate broad public support. As a result, the Half-Penny Sales Tax passed in 2002 and was renewed in 2012, with 68% of voters agreeing to keep the tax for an additional 15 years to fund schools’ needs.

14. Fight Cancer - YES on 6

Cancer Research Funding in Texas

In 2007, Texas voters approved $3 billion in bonds for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). When authorization for the bonds was up for renewal in 2019, the American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network engaged Sachs Media to help ensure the continuation of this vital funding source and the life-saving research and treatment it supports. Having previously worked to persuade the Texas Legislature to put the measure on the ballot, we understood the importance of generating high-impact visibility for a YES vote on Proposition 6. We crafted a deeply researched, cost-effective strategy and bilingual messaging, generating nearly 2 million impressions among likely voters. These efforts propelled Proposition 6 to victory as the amendment passed with an overwhelming 64% YES vote.

15. WaterSafe FL

Preventing Drowning Among Florida’s
Youngest Children

The Florida Department of Health engaged Sachs Media to create a campaign to reduce drowning deaths among children ages four and younger. Sachs Media created WaterSafe FL an education and awareness campaign created in partnership with pool companies to reach pool owners. The comprehensive campaign included public service announcements, an education kit and a range of other materials to educate parents, guardians, caregivers, and pool owners about drowning prevention. In 2011, our video received an Emmy nomination from the Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

16. Amendment 1 - Florida's Water & Land Legacy

Preserving Land for Florida’s Future

In 2014, Sachs Media led the communications efforts for a statewide constitutional amendment campaign to provide additional funding to protect Florida’s unique water and land resources. Faced with the challenge of gaining support from 60% of Florida voters, we crafted messaging designed to resonate with voters across the state. These efforts were instrumental in helping secure more than 670 media stories about Amendment 1 and the support of 21 newspaper editorial boards in the seven months leading up to Election Day. The result was that an astounding 75% of voters approved the amendment and secured its place in the Florida Constitution.

17. Kids Oughta Be Covered

Connecting Children to Health Care Coverage

With an alphabet soup of organizations and programs creating brand confusion, Florida Healthy Kids wanted to rise above the clutter of choices and make sure parents understood why kids need insurance and how to access it. Sachs Media created created a compelling, kid-focused campaign centered around the rallying cry, “Kids Oughta be Covered.” The campaign raised awareness that Florida Healthy Kids is the state’s central hub for health insurance coverage for children and challenged parents to make sure their children are covered. The campaign was highly successful, generating 20+ positive news stories throughout the state, tens of millions of impressions, and more than 3,000 click-throughs to the Florida Healthy Kids website.

18. Saving Bonnet House

Preserving Local Control of a Historical Gem

Century-old Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, one of Fort Lauderdale’s preeminent historic landmarks, became the target of a nasty tug of war in 2019 when the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, the Tallahassee-based property deed holder, tried to wrest control of the estate and all of its revenue away from the local nonprofit board that managed the site. Sachs Media developed Preserve Bonnet House, a multi-pronged statewide public and media advocacy campaign that helped fend off the takeover and keep Bonnet House in local hands. Sachs Media rallied support through a dynamic campaign web page, a live-streamed news conference that garnered more than 5,000 views, branded social media posts that earned 6,600+ engagements, statewide media coverage, and support from influential lawmakers and community leaders.

19. Protect Florida Democracy

Helping Floridians Evaluate What
Belongs in the Constitution

Every 20 years, Florida convenes a Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) to review and revise the state’s charter document. The Florida Bar engaged Sachs Media to develop a statewide public and Bar-member education campaign to engage voters to question any proposals that don’t belong in the Constitution or that weaken the separation of power. We created Protect Florida Democracy: Our Constitution. Our Rights. Our Courts. -- a highly successful public education program that delivered more than 68 million impressions, garnered thousands of social followers and helped double awareness among voters of the role of the Commission.

20. Florida Association of Behavior Analysis

Preserving Funding for Kids with Disabilities

The Florida Association for Behavior Analysis turned to Sachs Media for help when the state sought regulatory changes that would hinder the ability of behavior analysts to provide services for their clients – primarily children and adults with autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities. In 2019, the state announced dramatic reductions in Medicaid reimbursement amounts for behavior analysis providers, cuts that carried the very real potential that many providers would have to close their doors and leave vulnerable populations without options. Sachs Media generated intense opposition, including mass rallies at public meetings about the changes. The state relented, dropping plans for any cuts and pausing implementation of several controversial programs. This outcome helped ensure that the tens of thousands of children who require these medically necessary services would continue to have access to behavior analysis services.

21. Florida Polytechnic University & New College
of Florida

Preserving the Independence of
Two Higher Ed Institutions

Sachs Media conducted a successful media, digital, and grassroots campaign to save the independence of Florida Polytechnic University and New College of Florida when surprise legislation to fold the schools into bigger universities emerged and gained steam midway through Florida’s 2020 legislative session. We developed compelling messaging debunking proponents’ arguments, made the case that independence serves the long-term interests of the state, students, and the universities’ communities, and activated grassroots support. In less than four weeks, we generated 300 news articles, 32 supportive opinion pieces, and more than 1,500 social media interactions from key stakeholders. Legislative proponents of the merger yielded and the legislation died, retaining the universities’ independence.

22. Moms Against Cooties

Educating Mothers about Home Hygiene

The American Chemistry Council engaged Sachs Media to help clarify myths and misconceptions shared by moms online about chlorine bleach products across the United States. In response, we conceived and implemented the Moms Against Cooties campaign, which included the launch of MomsAgainstCooties.com as a central hub for content and conversation, along with mom-centric social media communities with original, engaging content published and promoted on a daily basis. The website featured a regularly updated blog with original articles, free downloadable posters and coloring pages, and ways to advocate for the safe and effective use of disinfection products, including bleach. Since the campaign’s launch in 2011, Moms Against Cooties content has been viewed over 100 million times, with over 250,000 social media followers and a website averaging 15,000 visits per month. Campaign content was prominently featured by Buzzfeed, Forbes, and a variety of leading family and environmental blogs.

23. Plate It Safe

Spreading Food Safety with Foodie Influencers

In an effort to improve Americans’ food safety practices while preparing special meals during the end-of-year holiday season, Sachs Media conceived and executed the Plate It Safe campaign on behalf of the Water Quality & Health Council. The campaign was designed to help make America’s home kitchens safer by educating millions of American adults who regularly cook or bake about the importance of food safety and how to engage in specific safety behaviors. The campaign conducted a survey of consumer attitudes and behaviors and successfully leveraged it to generate national media coverage and heavy social media engagement. In addition, we forged effective partnerships with influential food bloggers, who included food safety tips in their recipes and video content.

24. Bank On My Dream

Concerned about public perception of bankers after the financial crisis of 2007, the Florida Bankers Association engaged Sachs Media to conduct a campaign to boost the image of bankers and remind the public of the help they provide. Positioning bankers as professionals who help others fulfill their dreams, we conceived and conducted “Bank On My Dream” -- a campaign that would fund $5,000 dreams for 10 Floridians. Working with Florida non-profit organizations to nominate individual dreams, we generated more than 36,000 votes, heavy social media engagement, and statewide media coverage about the winners' stories and the bankers' role in helping make their dreams come true.

25. Florida VPK Amendment

In 2002, Sachs Media worked with then Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Pinelas and former Miami Herald Publisher Dave Lawrence to mount a campaign to win public support for the ballot initiative requiring the Legislature to establish a program providing free, high-quality Voluntary Prekindergarten for every Florida four year old by 2005. The campaign included significant earned media coverage and thought leadership, as well as television commercials featuring real four year olds making the case for the amendment. Voters approved the amendment by a margin of 59 percent.

26. “Before You Vote” Statewide Debates

Florida voters' decisions in races for Governor and U.S. Senator make a difference in the future of every community, the state, and the country. CEO Ron Sachs conceived and created "Before You Vote" -- the statewide LIVE televised debates series produced by the non-profit/non-partisan Leadership Florida in conjunction with the Florida Press Association. The longest-running branded television political debate series in Florida has helped educate millions of citizens on who the candidates are and where they stand on the issues that matter most.

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