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Social/Digital Philosophy

With the acquisition of the nationally acclaimed digital/social media firm What’s Next Marketing in July 2012, our firm rose to a new level of social and digital media expertise, offering unparalleled insight, innovation and service for our clients.

What’s Next is now our social media/digital division, matching expert knowledge of the social arena with innovative implementation. Even as the social space gets more cluttered every day, we provide results that break through and reach target audiences by providing content they want. Our team understands the best ways to create an engaging digital experience and, by analyzing millions of online conversations, can identify the top opportunities for our clients to reach their desired audiences.

Our team has worked with brands across the country to create premium social media experiences and has earned top industry recognition along the way. Accolades include a Gold award from the prestigious Bulldog Reporter for conducting the nation’s best health, fitness or medical digital/social campaign and a national Bronze award for the Best Online/Social Media Community category. What’s Next has also been recognized as Emerging Interactive Business by the Ad Club of Boston and had a recent campaign voted among the top 20 in North America by Facebook’s official award showcase.


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